‘Taking the Shot’ #10

In this episode:

    I speak with Barbara Beccio designer of  é Ispirante Creative Adaptive Clothing about…

what inspired her develop to a line of stylish fun clothes for  girls in wheelchairs.

how she plans to expand the line and what you can do to help.

how she stays motivated.

how she teaches her craft to others.

how she stays sane by practicing self care.

Check out more pics of Barbara and her beautiful models.

Find Barbara


Go FundMe

é Ispirante Adaptive Clothing

Instagram @barbarabsewinginstructor

Updates from Barbara…


My Etsy store is now finished and it is loaded with all the items that I have for sale.


Since the taping, I did find a site – Mode Ézé Plus that has some cute styles. Instagram: @modeezeplus.  There is also another organization called Runway of Dreams that is adapting mainstream clothing. Instagram: @runwayofdreams.

Stephanie Thomas is another woman who is a stylist for people with disabilities- Instagram: @disabilityfashionstylist.

Resource for suicide prevention

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